Dr. Miriam Bender

Associate Professor, Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing, University of California Irvine.

Executive Committee Member 2019-2022

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Center for Nursing Philosophy

My interest in nursing philosophy arose from the challenges of inquiring into the dynamic complexities of nursing and healthcare. I problematize epistemological and methodological paradigms that paradoxically advance reductive generalities despite Nursing’s commitment to the non-reducibility of the health/care experience. This effort uses a process philosophy lens to conceive flux and emergence, rather than stasis and unity, as fundamental nursing foci of inquiry, and propose modes of inquiry with the potential to mobilize flux/emergence to achieve disciplinary goals of health and wellness for people, families, and communities.

I became a member of IPONS in 2018 and was elected to the IPONS executive board in 2019.

Recent publications in nursing philosophy

  • With Dave Holmes. “Reconciling nursing’s art and science dualism: Toward a processual logic of nursing.” Nursing inquiry 26.3 (2019): e12293. Link
  • “Re‐conceptualizing the nursing metaparadigm: Articulating the philosophical ontology of the nursing discipline that orients inquiry and practice.” Nursing inquiry 25.3 (2018): e12243. Link
  • “Models versus theories as a primary carrier of nursing knowledge: A philosophical argument.” Nursing Philosophy 19.1 (2018): e12198. Link


  • Ph.D., University of San Diego, 2013, Nursing Science