There is a small “movie industry” emerging in nursing philosophy! These videos discuss issues of interest to the nursing philosophy community.

General Philosophy of Nursing

Philosophizing about Nursing

Dr. Mark Risjord created a series of videos for a nursing philosophy workshop in the University of Gothenburg Centre for Person-Centered Care in 2020.

  1. What is Nursing Philosophy?
  2. The Anatomy of Arguments
  3. Arguments in Philosophical Inquiry
  4. Writing Nursing Philosophy

Nursing Conversations

A distinguished philosopher of nursing in his own right, Dr. Martin Lipscomb has conducted interviews with a number of prominent nursing philosophers, including Ann Gallagher, Sally Thorne, Dawn Freshwater, Trevor Hussy, John Paley, Pamela Grace, and many others. These videos were produced for the students in his classes and they are designed to encourage discussion and philosophical thinking. His YouTube playlist includes them all!

History and Philosophy of Nursing

Historical Foundations of Racial Disparities

Dr. Kylie Smith is a historian of nursing and the Associate Editor of Nursing Philosophy. This video, “Historical Foundations of Racial Disparities” discusses the racial dimensions of nursing and medical research since the 19th century.