Executive committee

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ChairDarlaine Jantzen2022-2025
Vice-chairOlga Petrovskaya2021-2024
TreasurerRoger Newham2020-2023
SecretaryJessica Dillard-Wright2022-2025
Exec committee memberJane Hopkins Walsh2022-2025
Exec committee memberAimee Milliken2022-2025
Exec committee memberMaya Zumstein-Shaha2022-2025
Exec committee memberPawel Krol2022-2025
Exec committee memberCristian Mustafa2022-2025
Exec committee memberVirginia Ramos2022-2025
Exec committee memberMarie-Louise Luiking2021-2024
Exec committee memberJoakim Öhlen2021-2024
Exec committee memberChloe Littzen2021-2024
Exec committee memberAgness Tembo2021-2024
Co-Editor, Nursing PhilosophyMiriam Benderex officio
Co-Editor, Nursing PhilosophyStefanos Mantzoukasex officio