Dr. Olga Petrovskaya, RN, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Victoria

Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Alberta, Canada

Executive Council Member 2020-2023

My scholarly interests lie in theoretical analyses of nursing practice. Specifically, my program of research aims to combine my interest in eHealth and Health Information and Communication Technology (e.g., electronic patient portal) and philosophies and theories attuned to the socio-materiality of nursing practice. My other longstanding philosophical interests include critical theory in general and post-structural theory in particular. I review manuscripts for Nursing Philosophy and Nursing Inquiry journals, specifically work informed by the ideas of Michel Foucault and phenomenology. While at the University of Alberta Faculty of Nursing (2017-2020), I have taught a Master’s seminar on nursing knowledge and theory development in the discipline.

I first encountered IPONS in 2009, as a graduate student, and have since been attending its stimulating conferences. In 2014, my paper won First Prize in the student writing contest sponsored by IPONS. In August 2020, I started my second three-year term on the IPONS Executive Committee.

Selected Publications

  • With M. E. Purkis, and K. Bjornsdottir, “Revisiting ‘Intelligent Nursing’: Olga Petrovskaya in conversation with Mary Ellen Purkis and Kristin Bjornsdottir,” Nursing Philosophy, 20(3):e12259 (2019). Link
  • “Is there nursing phenomenology after Paley? Essay on rigorous reading,” Nursing Philosophy, 15(1), 60-71 (2014). Link
  • With M. G. Antonio and F. Lau, “Is research on patient portals attuned to health equity? A scoping review,” Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association: JAMIA, 26(8-9), 871–883 (2019). Link


  • PhD 2016, Nursing, University of Victoria, Canada
  • BScN 2007, Nursing, York University, Toronto, Canada