Introducing the Center for Nursing Philosophy

The Center for Nursing Philosophy (CNP) is housed within the Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing at the University of California, Irvine. The CNP aims to provide a platform for increased nursing philosophy scholarship development and dissemination, as well as wider engagement with the local, national, and international philosophy community to identify new foci for inquiry and advancement. The CNP was launched in 2019. The Founding Director is Miriam Bender and the CNP Steering Committee includes Patricia Benner, Candace Burton, Dave Holmes, Duncan Pritchard, Pamela Reed, Mark Risjord, Derek Sellman, and Sally Thorne.

Recent CNP efforts include: a co-sponsored live-stream virtual panel on ‘the Future of Nursing Philosophy’ with IPONS; the coordination of a virtual philosophy reading group, to begin in February 2021, with the first readings focused on actor-network-theory and its application in/significance for nursing; and accepting its first PhD Student Fellow, Zahra Sharifiheris, who is working to trace the history of the concept ‘nursing philosophy’ in the literature with the aim of elucidating how nurses and other scholars have ‘philosophized’ nursing over time and how that philosophizing has influenced nursings’ understanding of its discipline.

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