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Announcing a new book from Olga Petrovskaya and an anthology edited by Jess Dillard-Wright, Jane Hopkins Walsh, and Brandon Brown.

Nursing Theory, Postmodernism, Post-structuralism, and Foucault

by Olga Petrovskaya

Nursing Theory, Postmodernism, Post-structuralism, and Foucault critiques selected American nursing theory and its use of post-structural theory, comparing and contrasting how postmodern and post-structural ideas have been used fruitfully in nursing research and theorizing elsewhere. Making the case that post-structural ideas are vital for nurses’ ability to critically reflect on their discipline and profession, this is a necessary read for all those interested in nursing theory, philosophy, and praxis. 

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Nursing a Radical Imagination
Moving from Theory and History to Action and Alternate Futures

Edited By

Jess Dillard-Wright, Jane Hopkins-Walsh, Brandon Brown

Examining the historical context of healthcare whilst focusing on building a more just, equitable world, Nursing a Radical Imagination proposes what that radical imagination for nursing might look like, presenting possibilities for speculative futures embracing queer, feminist, posthuman, and abolitionist frames.